LOFE™ is a leading, diversified Australian property group, a company that is focused on integrated development to offer attainable quality to its customers. LOFE™ is invested commercially and intellectually in the projects we develop, manage and deliver. Our reputation is built on our commitment to quality, consistent delivery of superior products and services across our businesses with a vision for long-term success.

Located in Melbourne, Australia and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, LOFE™ Group owns and manages assets across various mixed used sectors including commercial, retail, and residential. Our competitive advantage is the result of the integrated approach in the creation of quality products across the entire lifecycle of a project including acquisition, planning, design, development & construction, project management, sales & marketing, leasing, property management and ownership.

Vision And Strategy

Our Vision for long-term success at LOFE™ is to deliver consistent superior products and services across our businesses.
LOFE™ recognizes the changing nature of the property market conditions over time, we therefore manage our capital balance sheet according to the property cycle and maintain an appropriate cost structure to remain agile while leveraging third party capital to grow our business and maximize the value for our investors.
To maximize the value of our assets LOFE™ seeks to acquire property where there is an opportunity to unlock and add greater value either through repositioning, development, rezoning or asset management.

Our Team

Our management team members have over 80 years combined experience in the construction industry; specializing in value management, buildability and sustainability.
We have been developing a variety of mixed-use property development including hotel/resorts, F&B/hospitality, retail, commercial and high density residential in Australia as well as contributing to various projects internationally in Singapore, Vietnam and the Maldives.
These previous and current projects, each has development cost and gross revenue ranging from AUD $100M to well over AUD $2B. We are capable of delivering large scale projects with professional indemnity insurance cover up to $20M.
Our consulting team includes top leading experts in the field to provide a deep understanding of strategic and operational issues across multiple sectors.